A study of the value of modern  astrology

jersey project, 2019

The project is based on the change of astrology through times. Astrology  was established with a beautiful coexisting relationship between nature and the human-being, but in modern times, from the obsessions and experiences I had, it has become a means of profit making, fortune-tellers have captured people’s confusion in real life and desire to understand the future and seek self-comfort.

Starting from re-examining the matter of divination and metaphysics, and investigated the artists who embody the value of their lives with man and nature as the core. Christian Boltanski, who conducted in-depth research on an artist The work Animitas and the related aesthetics that I see in its art works, combining with my favorite Japanese photographer Masao Yamamoto, who portraits relationship between human beings and nature in this work. By creating my own language of astrology through Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement art), they become the signature design aspects through the collection.